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Angelic Free From

Angelic Free From Apple & Raspberry Oat Squares, Vegan & Allergen-Free, Perfect for Kids' Snacks & Lunchboxes, 12-Pack of Nut, Gluten, Egg, & Dairy-Free Snack Bars (12 Bars x 30g Each)

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PERFECT FOR LUNCHBOXES: Our oat squares come individually packaged, making them a fantastic option for lunchboxes or post-school snacks. For anyone seeking a delicious allergen-free snack, these oat squares are a prime choice. Completely free from nuts, dairy, soya, eggs, and gluten, these snacks meet the needs of allergen-restricted schools.

QUALITY FRUIT SNACKS: Our Safetylicious Apple & Raspberry Oat Squares are baked using healthy oats, allergen-free chocolate, and genuine fruit chunks. Packed with nourishment, these bars are ideal for sustaining children's energy levels at school. However, they contain gluten-free oats, which might not be suitable for those allergic to avenin- a protein present in oats.

ALLERGEN-FREE AND NUT SAFE: In addition to being gluten-free, these Oat Bars are safe from the Top 14 Allergens, meaning they are devoid of dairy, egg, soya, as well as any tree nuts or peanuts. If you're in search of nut-free, allergen-safe cookies, these squares are a must-have in your pantry and lunch box.

CONVENIENTLY PACKED: With individual wrapping, our squares make snacking a breeze, whether you're on the move, packing them in lunchboxes, or looking for an after-school snack.

ECO- AND HEALTH-FRIENDLY: Opt for a brand that cares equally about your well-being and the planet's health. Our gluten-free bars are made from ethically sourced ingredients, including Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil. Plus, Angelic is committed to achieving zero food waste by 2023!