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Fincas Valverde

FINCAS VALVERDE Dark Roast Coffee Whole Bean Bolivian Catuai Variety Specialty Coffee, Full Flavored. Freshly Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans (12oz)

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Brand: Fincas Valverde

Color: Dark Roast

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  • BOLIVIAN CATUAI COFFEE BEANS: Are unique and different from Catuai grown in other regions. High altitude harvest produces a denser coffee bean. Meaning the coffee seed takes longer to mature inside the coffee cherry absorbing more flavor.
  • FRESHLY ROASTED: To ensure optimum flavor and aroma when brewing Bolivia's finest specialty coffee. Our artisan roasters bring out the best flavors from each bean with each batch of dark roast coffee beans. Full flavored with notes of Dried Plum, Tangerine and Sugar Cane.
  • FROM FARM TO CUP: We have evolved from producing only green coffee to managing the entire supply chain, from Farm to Cup. This control over the entire line is something that only a couple farms in the world can claim. 
  • BREWING METHODS: Our Whole bean bag is a perfect option for those with a coffee grinder/machine. Grind our Catuai Whole Beans to your liking. Choose your coarse: A fine grind when the coffee is like sugar powder which is good for expresso or turkish coffee. A coarse grind when the coffee is chunky, which is good for french press or cold brew. A drip grind is a level of grind that in between these two, it is best for your regular drip or auto-drip coffee machines.
  • OUR STORY: The Valverde brothers were born and raised in La Paz Bolivia and together we founded this company to provide the best possible specialty/gourmet coffee to our customers. Together we have one major thing in common, our love for coffee bean. Our family run business has been exporting coffee since 2001. 

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Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 5.0 x 3.0 inches